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The World Messenger shares Izabela's deeply personal, moving and motivating story of transformation and achievement at the highest level. Together with many of the most accomplished professional athletes, coaches and C-Suite Executives of our time, she reveals a simple yet powerful 10-step process for overcoming fear and fully reaching your greatness to discover your legacy. 

 In this game and life changing book by Izabela Lundberg, founder of The Legacy Leaders, you will discover that: 

- You are far more powerful and capable of overcoming major life setbacks and challenges on your path to greatness than you ever thought possible.
- Your life story and experiences have greater importance and value in the world than you probably ever imagined or dared to dream.
- You are here to claim your SuperPower and make a difference in this world and to do it now by helping others succeed! 
About Izabela:
Izabela Lundberg is an internationally recognized consultant, facilitator, speaker, writer, humanitarian, and immigrant entrepreneur whose clients include subject matter experts and Fortune 500 companies. She is well known for her writing on High Performance Impact in business and sports and is a leading authority on High Performance Impact Leadership. Ms. Lundberg generates tremendous value and delivers exceptional results for her global clients and audience.
Ms. Lundberg enjoys a dynamic worldview after living in six countries, speaking six languages, traveling to over 40 countries, and working with diverse teams from over 80 countries. She is a recognized catalyst of sustainable solutions for global leaders and their most pressing challenges.
As survivor of some of the worst human atrocities – genocide, torture and war trauma – she has also championed other survivors around the world to restore their dreams, find their voice, and tap into their highest potential through art, holistic healing, and leadership training.
You can find Ms. Lundberg at:
www.IzabelaLundberg.com and
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