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“To be WildHeart Strong means to believe that life is an amazing adventure, a journey of exploration, discover and experience,” Ann says. “It’s an attitude and a mindset that pushes you and stretches you beyond the realm of normal experience into a new place of wonder and awe.”

Ann discovered the difference between those who ended up incapacitated and in nursing homes and those who were still running marathons in their 80s was physical, mental, and emotional fitness. She was first in her area to work with hundreds of people ages 60-90 to strengthen their muscles as well as their minds and attitudes, helping them reverse the effects of aging and live healthier, longer, stronger lives. Her results led her to speak at medical and professional conferences all over the world.

In 2011 Ann founded WildHeart Strong, a company to help people change the way they age and rewrite the last half of life’s story from the fear of aging to aging fiercely. Ann uses the latest scientific research in molecular biology and biochemistry, combined with practical functional medicine principles, and cutting-edge work in mental and emotional fitness, to create personalized health plans for clients of any age and fitness level. And because aging fiercely is not about health, but about what you do with stronger health, Ann leads WildHeart Strong adventures that crystallize these plans into daily life, providing exhilarating, instructive, and awe-inspiring experiences that many clients have only dreamed about. Everything from snorkeling and scuba diving in the Caribbean to an International Space Station visit are on the WildHeart Strong “bucket list.”

Ann’s step-by-step curriculum shows how you can change the way you age. Anyone can reverse the effects of aging, live life as an exciting adventure and feel healthier, stronger, and more vital.

In 2013, Ann created and founded Younitype© to educate clients about DNA, genes and personalized biochemistry that can boost health. Younitype, the name, captures the power of genes in what scientists call our genotype and the performance of those genes, called our phenotype. You have the power to boost your performance and empower some genes to work for you. It starts with a journey into your 8-genetic triggers. Know these eight; implement an action plan to boost these eight; personalize it by matching it to your specific genetic, biochemical and lifestyle information. This is a lifelong tactical strategy for best health. And its for the strong of heart, the courageous, the warriors and those looking for hope again.

Books by Ann Louise Johnson


DNA Of Hope

#1 International Best Seller

On October 22, 2010 in San Jose, Chile, the first of 33 miners trapped underground for 68 days emerged to greet family, friends and prayerful bystanders. 

How did 33 men, with little food, water or light survive being buried alive 2,000 feet underground without succumbing to despair? Hope.
They survived because they knew somebody was on the surface trying to save them. They survived because in their hearts was the tangible optimism of the human spirit. The understanding that no dollar amount was too costly; no day was too long to seduce rescuers into giving up. Isn’t that the message we want medicine to relay to all patients? That somebody is tirelessly working to save you. But there are logistics to saving people. You have to accurately locate the lost person. You have to properly assess the obstacles to reaching them. Then you must design a plan – a tailor-made plan to bring them home to their family. Your health is no different.




Operation Hope

#1 International Best Seller

Welcome to Operation Hope.

Imagine a woman. Imagine knowing this woman’s life story—her strengths, triumphs, brilliance, gifts and contributions to others, as well as to society overall. Imagine cherishing her with all your heart. Imagine that she is your mother.


AIM Me Up, Body!: The Super 8 Triggers that Turn Health ‘On” or “Off”

#1 International Best Seller

To age with excitement, see miraculous in the mundane, and uncover genius in the common places of life. This is Ann. For her, medicine is not a profession, but rather, a calling. A calling to grant hope to the hopeless through teaching what the body can really do. As a scientist, Ann-Louise Johnson is on a mission to release the infinite healing capacity in every human being. A registered nurse of more than forty years, and a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Ann leverages intense personal narratives that inspire her clients to live longer, stronger and with greater adventure than they could ever imagine. Whether training to compete for an Olympic Gold, facing surgery, or managing a chronic illness, Ann has developed a program to increase your performance, your health, your life. By aligning your internal cellular metabolism with your DNA, her team has built a platform launching you toward your AIM—your self-defined target. Together, we Hope. Together, we build the DNA of Hope.


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