We are living in an interesting era. We evolve and the old paradigms of good leadership are failing us. It is not about leading or following anymore. It is about learning how to lead yourself. I am sending my energy out to the conscious warriors, who are making this world a better place. You can read the whole thing, open at a random page occasionally or just absorb by osmosis.

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Reviewed on 10th Jun 2023

Beautiful. A patchwork quilt for the spirit.

Holy knickers!
What a refreshing read.
So often an educated mentor can’t help but fill pages with excerpts and linguistic back-bends of their well-oiled shrewdness. It happens so often that we’ve learned to read through the faff and skip sentence upon sentence to jump to the nougaty center.
And Then….
Alena Norman writes Energy to Lead: a volcanic heart diamond of a book that changes the way we think, live and most importantly, the way we see ourselves.
Just three deliciously appetizing chapters in and I was already shifting my perspective on situations that would normally leave me questioning my self-worth. Just as powerfully, in those energized personal moments, I began to relish them as opposed to counting their minutes away.
Alena’s delectably warm insight supports and cheer-squads the marvelous opportunity we all have to create harmony, joy and empowerment in all our relationships. She reaffirms one of the best tools we are all born with but, especially of late, exercise less – our gut instinct, our intuition.
The tone of Alena’s writing is so very cozy conversational, you feel as if she’s talking directly to you. She doesn’t claim to ‘fix’ anything (why would she? we weren’t broken to start with) only offers up the tools in order for us to lift the hood of anxiety and do it ourselves.
This book is pure warmth and gold for the often weary soul.

Jon Glass

Reviewed on 10th Jun 2023

A book full of energy

I liked the author's concept of a balanced life consisting of a combination of creativity and consumption. More people should try this approach.
There are very nice illustrations inside as well.