Break free from the self-help cycle and join the world of successful leaders. IN THIS GAME CHANGING BOOK YOU WILL LEARN:

  • How self doubt, procrastination and indecision create a cycle of self-help addiction
  • Why people invest in self-help books, courses, events and come out still feeling unaccomplished
  • How you can make your fears your friend and achieve anything your heart desires
  • The importance of always taking responsibility for what happens in your life
  • How much abundance there is in this world and that there is enough money, love and happiness for everyone to have a lifetime supply
  • How to go from a consumer to a creator
  • The art of taking action, because without action nothing gets done
  • How to become accountable so you avoid putting things off
  • The power of decisiveness and how to avoid feeling overwhelmed
  • The secret to getting high and staying high (without drugs)
  • Why you have already won
  • How the real hero, that you have searched so long and hard for, is you

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Martin Agius

Reviewed on 10th Jun 2023

Tips that can be implemented today to become a more profitaleand productive person immediately.

I do not read self help books, but a friend recommended Daniel's The Self Help Addict. I was a bit skeptical, but was quickly won over as he shares his early successes and failures that we all can relate to. What really captured my attention was his detail of pitfalls that every driven perfectionist falls into. I saw myself time and time agin as Daniel shared things that would prevent success in any enviroment. His one comment "Good is Good enough" has stuck with me as too many hours have been lost trying to re-work letters, emails and presentations to perfection, when they have been successful in the past. Daniel's book was an easy read and I found myself for the first time actually highlighting areas that will definitely help me to improve my performance. These are actual real life tips that anyone can put in place today and start profiting from them immediately.

Zelig Pliskin

Reviewed on 10th Jun 2023


As a reader who loves self-help and personal growth books, as soon as I read the title, I instantly had to get it. Fortunately, with a Kindle it's as easy done as it's said. This is a truly must book for anyone who wishes to accomplish more than they already have. And that's true for almost everybody who wishes to accomplish. This book, written by someone who has read a lot and has interviewed many successful people is a treasure. The wise learn from everyone. And it's important to realize who we would gain the most from learning from. Napoleon Hill interviewed many successful people and wrote the classic, "Think and Grow Rich." The author is following in his footsteps. I feel that anyone who reads this great book with an attitude of taking action will be super grateful to the amazing author.

D. Shulman

Reviewed on 10th Jun 2023

Omg, this is what I've been doing wrong my whole life!!

Uh oh! Like the true self-help addict I am, I had to read this the second I saw the summary. Turns out Gefen knows exactly what I've been doing wrong my whole life **facepalm**. I haven't finished reading it yet, but I've already found myself thinking about plenty of ways I've misused the self help ideas I've learned in the past.
This book is NOT a summary of all the stuff you've read before, and NOT a stepping stone to selling more books (or conventions or webinars). Self-contained in a short, 2-3 hour read, here's some real advice for the real world in which we live.
I'll try to update this review in a few months to see if it all sticks, but I've got to say.... This one is different: more real, more empowering, more feasible than most of the stuff I've read before. :)

Amazon Customer

Reviewed on 10th Jun 2023

Excellent little book

Excellent little book. Shows how to make your own rules and stick to them. Only criticism...too many anecdotes, some of them a bit irrelevant. Otherwise a super personal manual that puts the power back into your own hands. Well done!


Reviewed on 10th Jun 2023

This book is a great read! Get ready to go on a journey ...

This book is a great read! Get ready to go on a journey with Daniel Gefen, as he inspires you through combining his own personal experiences with the steps he gives his readers with actions steps at the end of each chapter.

Catherine Karabetsos

Reviewed on 10th Jun 2023

Daniel inspires and euips others to take the plunge ...

Daniel inspires and euips others to take the plunge, stick with it and be bigger than yourself!

A must read for any business owner or operator and those seeking inspiration to take the leap!

Marnie Sluman Somers

Reviewed on 10th Jun 2023

Good prescription for keeping your sanity

In all areas of our life we need balance. A healthy respect for what is really important versus chasing every new shiny object that forces its way on to each stage of our life. A must read to help you navigate your true course and make progress in small but meaningful steps to your goals and objectives.

Ioana Daian

Reviewed on 10th Jun 2023

Cool motivational book

Nothing is really new in this book, in terms of teachings, actually everything has been said and repeated... But we have in one place everything we need to get moving from a place of passivity and defence into ACTION! Highly inspirational and motivational, with action steps to get moving and questions to contemplate, well and to the point written, although by a novice in writing; a pleasant surprise, I highly recommend it!


Reviewed on 10th Jun 2023

Great read

As a self help addict myself this is a great book and a push in the right direction of no longer being a self help addict but turning myself into a creator and producer rather than a consumer.

L. Hurst

Reviewed on 10th Jun 2023

Good but not for me

This is a good book which is why I have given it 4 stars, but it didn't apply to me. I think its written more for people in business generally.