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Published authors make more money, get more attention, have more freedom, and are given the opportunity to share their message with the world.

  • We focus on building your Credibility, Likeability and Authority.
  • What to write about? leverage our experience to write the right book the first time!
  • Who to write for? One of the biggest mistakes new authors make is not thinking about their target audience.
  • What to name it? Getting the wrong title is another common mistake made by new authors
  • Using our unique methods we can help create or enhance your existing content.

  • Imagine….  You can offer a non-fiction book; become a bestseller, while attracting a steady flow of new business.
  • Once your book is ready for worldwide release, Evolve Global Publishing will enable your book to be purchased on virtually every known platform.  
  • We help create your Book Cover design or use your existing files.
  • If you don't have a manuscript we help your write, edit and proofread your book.  
  • We format your manuscript for Print and Digital formats, including softcover, hardcover, and ePub.
  • ​Launch your book for #1 Best-Seller Status in multiple categories and countries.
  • Publish for digital and print for Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple and Kobo. .

  • The final step...You become recognized as an authority, even a celebrity in your field in a matter of months, not years or decades.
  • The biggest brands, platforms and networks in the world like Google, YouTube, Amazon, Twitter, Apple, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook etc. will help promote and sell your books, build your list and reputation while promoting your content to social networks.
  • When you use the proven influence and persuasion techniques to bring in readers and listeners to your business, they can easily become a customer for your more expensive products or high-paid consulting clients.
  • Your new book is designed to create a relationship and conversation with your prospects and readers so that they can connect and bond with you, follow you, and buy from you.
  • ​According to a BusinessWeek survey, 96% of authors saw positive benefits from their book, such as easier access to media/PR exposure, commanding higher speaking and consulting fees, increasing their credibility and reach—and simply earning more.
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