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Greg Larsen is a multi-owner SME entrepreneur, investor, business advisor, and number one international best-selling author. Greg has over 25 years’ experience owning and leading multi-industry companies to national and international sales growth through customer-centric values, building upon technology, strategic brand positioning, and internal financial and operational excellence.

Greg's roles have included business owner, CEO, CFO, and COO positions, which give him the ability to work across all areas of a business model. He also has a master's degree in entrepreneurship from the University of Otago, New Zealand.

Greg's best-ever entrance into a boardroom was through the ceiling. Upstairs on a mezzanine floor looking through some archived files, he lost his footing and ended up in the middle of the boardroom flat on his back via the suspended ceiling. To this day he isn't sure how he fell right in between the boardroom table and a credenza without injury. A few centimeters either way and the entrance may have been far more dramatic and life-changing. Dusting himself off, Greg was still able to deliver his presentation to his startled colleagues.

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Reconnect and Profit: The 5 Key Ways To Connect With Your Business For Growth, Profit And Fun

#1 International Best Seller

Reconnect and Profit outlines a very simple yet powerful process that enables business owners like yourself to discover the disconnections within your business and start reconnecting them.

Disconnection—the act of detaching one thing from another.

Reconnection—the act of connecting back together; reestablishing a bond of communication or emotion.

Through this Reconnect and Profit process, you will find that these disconnections reveal themselves through various process categories and have a variety of complexities. Some are very easy to reconnect whilst others may require more time and effort. The reward for making these reconnections is likely to create an improved people culture within your business alongside improved internal processes. In addition, there is likely to be increased profit, potentially a rather significant increase. Hence, this book is entitled: Reconnect and Profit.

The method that Greg details in this book has been applied to many businesses over the years. These businesses experienced change within the first six months and typically their profits typically increased, as well as the longevity of the business within its industry. As with these businesses, my method will enable your business to cement its value proposition as well as its point of difference.

As an SME Entrepreneur and Business Advisor, Greg assist clients in shaping their ideas into a business proposition, supplement them in preparing a roadmap from strategic intent to a realisable action plan and then support them in transforming their vision into a business reality. He delivers practical solutions that matter. With his in-depth understanding of today's business landscape and its operating dynamics, Greg invests significant time and effort in developing a deep understanding of my client's needs. I promise you these are not just words.


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