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Jeff Lewis is a Two Time #1 International Best Selling Author and global business builder, who began his sales career in Ohio, USA. Jeff grew into a sales training and management role and became a regional Sales Director (east coast USA) by the age of 27. By age 30 Jeff began building distribution centers around the world.

Jeff loves to teach his professional sales process; Jeff prides himself on having helped hundreds of sales professionals personally improve their methods and success. Today Jeff helps Business Partners, resellers, staff and associates improve their sales process and subsequently have built his software development provider into a global power with sales into 50+ countries and 20,000+ customer companies now operating the software Jeff helped launch internationally.
Jeff has met with Ambassadors, Presidents of countries, and companies such as Halliburton (Dick Cheney), Chevron, P&G, AGIP (ENI). Jeff has lived in 11 countries and conducted business in more than 60 countries. Jeff has DJ'd a radio show in Johannesburg, and made regular appearances on Mnet and SABC in South Africa representing American Football including commentary for 2 Super Bowls. Jeff aired 30 TV commercials for Spur Steakhouse who hosted the American Football TV shows in RSA. Jeff helped establish the American Football league in Johannesburg / Pretoria. Today Jeff coaches a junior league baseball team and captured the league title with his boys.
Jeff now lives and works in Australia growing his software distribution model across Australasia with 40+ resellers and more than 5,000 customers.
Jeff's distribution business in Australia has achieved #2 ranking globally across 50+ countries represented with their software provider


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Theory of Sellativity: Turning Sales THeory into Practical Results

#1 International Best Seller

Discover the secrets of becoming very successful in sales using the Theory of Sellativity

Two Times #1 International Best Selling Author, Jeff Lewis loves to teach his professional sales process

Jeff prides himself personally on having helped hundreds of sales professionals personally improve their methods and success.

Theory of Sellativity is based the author's over 30 years of sales experience. Buy the book today and take a journey with Jeff from his early career to working for some of the biggest companies in the world.

Published, Promoted and Reached
#1 International Best Seller in 3 Categories in 2 Countries