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Karen Phillip is a Counselling Psychotherapist; Clinical Hypnotherapist and the Parenting and Relationship Expert on television, radio and print media both here and overseas. She is an International Author and Key Note Speaker.

As a therapist for the past two decades working with individuals, couples and workplace conflict, Karen was presented with similar communication issues that arose frequently. Karen worked to develop the innovative strategies in this book to help everyone eliminate all conflict from every conversation. Using these ground-breaking methods quickly creates connection and resolution.

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Communication Harmony: The 3 Powerful Secret Words to Eliminate The Drama And Conflict From Every Conversation

#1 International Best Seller

Communication Harmony is your guide to Conflict-Free Communication. Within these pages are easy-to-implement practices to direct conversations to rewarding results – without all the drama. It’s your guide to productive – not explosive – communicating.

This book can change your life, your relationships and most certainly add to your power in any discussion.

There has never been a time when understanding the art of persuasive communication was more important than right now.

You will discover how simple it is to quickly transform any conversation by using these innovative 3 Powerful Words.

How will you feel when you can:

• Remove conflict from every conversation
• Change emotions quickly
• Create the outcome you want • Lead every conversation

You will also learn how to analyse the communication style of others using the incredibly effective techniques described, including NLP, so you can speak on their level and guide every communication. You will become the influencer.

Published, Promoted and Reached
35 x #1 Best Seller in 4 Countries
43 x #1 Hot New Release in 4 Countries



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