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I live in the United Kingdom with my family, when I am not at the laptop making story-ideas live, I'm usually to be found in the garden fighting the weeds and enjoying the flowers. I've spent most of my life wanting to be an author; so having procrastinated for years (due to a combination of being pulled into the world of business and a hang-up from my school-days which convinced me that being a writer wasn't a proper job! It was pre-Harry Potter folks!), I have now achieved this dream.


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The Point of Me: A spiritual tale of love and acceptance

#1 International Best Seller

“…with a husky whisper, he half spoke to himself, the terrible question his heart held, “But what will have been the point of me, Lyra?”

What is the point of life? Especially a tragically short-life?

James believes he is pointless. He is a young man with a terminal illness and a family that is falling apart because of it. When he meets Marcham, a mystical beast who takes him on a series of powerful spiritual journeys, James begins to understand the meaning of life, death, and family. He will discover his truth; what an opportunity for love he is. He will embrace the divine and release the deepest treasures of his soul and help his family unlock their own.

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