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Victoria is a champion of truth and consciousness. Her diverse and colorful history gives her a unique perspective and keen ability to connect with people from all walks of life and also pierce the confounding veils of ambiguity and misdirection that are so frequently employed by the powers that be.

Raised in the ghettos of Spain, as a multi-ethnic child, by a single mother, Victoria grew from her experiences with poverty, racism, sexual abuse, congenital problems and social stigma only to achieve high levels of health as well as success in the entertainment industry. In the midst of a series of severe life trials culminating in a near death experience, a spontaneous kundalini awakening, and involvement with occult societies while exploring metaphysics, healing and martial arts, she left her old life in Spain to forge a new one in the United States.

With minimal English speaking skills, no money, and no support from her family, Victoria hustled her way off the streets of Hollywood with brute determination. Through a series of profound learning experiences she discovered her true calling as a herald of truth.

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In A Matter Of Seconds: A Story To Empower Yourself Into Love, Success and Manifestation

#1 International Best Seller

This book is a case study of how anyone can harness the power of perspective, inner wisdom, and human spirit to transform any situation into a blessing and stepping stone toward a rich and fulfilling life, in a matter of seconds.

Victoria Vives, shamanic practitioner, healer, teacher, writer, and international speaker, presents us with a relatable guide to the life of your dreams in autobiographical format. She shares how she overcame impossible challenges from her past such as near-death experiences, poverty, psychosis, spiritual awakening, racism, and so much more with concrete, repeatable strategies, and wisdom gained from self reflection, mentors, and inner guidance.

Life is an infinitely complex journey of experiences, dictated by our inner world, our external environment, the decisions we make and actions we take. In a Matter of Seconds is both compass and road map designed to help navigate difficult times and live up to our greatest potential.

If you had a foolproof method to guarantee a life of happiness and without limitations, would you use it?

Victoria Vives Khuong shares her personal story of overcoming extreme conditions of racism, inequality, poverty, drugs, and ignorance and limiting beliefs, ultimately defying all expectations by forging a life of success, happiness, and abundance.

Through her own story and reflecting on her failures and successes, Victoria presents, in autobiographical format, a manual for success and happiness, no matter the cards you’ve been dealt.

This book will give you the keys to:

  • Discover opportunities hidden in plain sight
  • Act in spite of fear, naysayers, and convention
  • Find solutions to impossible problems
  • Understand the nature of manifestation and its basis in practicality and human psychology
  • Connect with the infinite wisdom beyond the physical realm and integrate it into down to Earth living strategies
  • Unlock your unlimited potential to create your life as you want it
Join Victoria in her mission to unveil the truth that anyone can change their current life conditions and experience greater happiness and fulfillment, in a matter of seconds.


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