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Unreported: Domestic Abuse is an Unreported Crime, and Learning to L.I.V.E. free is a journey...

by Ms. Veera Mahajan

ASIN: 1530826314

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Domestic Abuse is an UNREPORTED Crime. My book, Unreported Crime is written for increasing awareness about domestic abuse. Most people don’t even understand what abuse looks like so they give simple names to big problems so they can deal with it. Or, they just know their pain and think only thy is abuse. Abuse comes in many subtle forms at least in the beginning till it kills you from inside. Any behavior that makes you feel bad about yourself is abuse. No one should be allowed to have control over your life. You deserve to live your live on your own terms and fulfill your dreams. Are you even allowed to dream?
Through amazing real stories this book provides a step by step guide for finding your way to freedom by using fool proof ways to identify if you are in abuse. Try the Garage Door Test provided in the book. And, remind yourself to live an empowered life using the letters in the word LIVE. L- love yourself, I - Insist on Freedom, V - Victory over victim syndrome (you are no one’s victim) and E - Empowered you!
Live your life and be happy! You deserve the best!