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Create Your Business Buzz: Step by Step Guide to Successfully Running Your Business

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This book is a Step by Step Guide to successfully running your business instead of it running you. As a lifelong successful entrepreneur, Becky skillfully weaves her training, coaching and now book writing into a clear message: It is imperative that you build relationships with your clients so that they know, like and trust well as REFER you.
This book is for people with the passion, dedication and drive to own and market their own business....while ensuring that they still own their own lives! It is for individuals with the desire to build their businesses but with more questions than answers regarding how to most effectively make that happen. It is not for the Fortune 500 companies with endless amounts of money and resources at their disposal.
This book is intended to serve several purposes. I hope to speak to you as if we are speaking one to one, and to convey my story in such a way that it will serve you. It is my desire to share valuable information, tips, techniques, strategies and systems that will get you on track for success and will guide you to a business that is not only profitable but is a business you run...not a business that runs you!
Are you ready for this journey? Keep this thought in mind:
REMARKABLE- (adjective) - Worthy of being or likely to be noticed, especially as being uncommon or extraordinary.
No matter where you are in your business, you can become or can transform your business to be REMARKABLE!
This book is about SUCCESSFULLY marketing your business...not just creating the buzz, but transforming that buzz into a swarm of raving fans that know, like, and trust you...and bring others into your hive! It's about becoming REMARKABLE!
In this book, I will introduce to you some savvy marketing tools and techniques that will save you time, money, effort and sanity.
There are a myriad of methods that will create the buzz, and we will discuss many of them in the pages to follow. As you read each chapter, you will find inspiration and direction: direction with systematic steps that are certain to not only create, but more importantly maintain the buzz you need to thrive and enjoy your business.
We start by discovering your why, then developing your own unique selling proposition. From there we delve into the myriad other things that are so imperative to success in business. From knowing your goals and mission, understanding how to determine the value of a customer, building your brand, and carrying that brand to your website. We discuss the power of networking and how to do so effectively. From there we discuss communicating with your clients and prospects using email, blogs, articles, social media, video, and mobile marketing.
At this point, it's NOT a Wrap!
This book is the first of our series. Our books to follow will delve even deeper into the world of successful business ownership.
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