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KaChing!: How To Add A Digit To Your Income

by Tina Brinkley Potts,Stephanie Bavaro


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KaChing! How To Add A Digit To Your Income is a book is about building revenue in your career or business now!

KaChing! will inspire you to stop thinking in the old, traditional paradigms of business that are quickly fading from existence. If you are still trading hours for dollars you are missing a great world of opportunity. People like you, that have professional careers but did not classify themselves as entrepreneurs share their stories of shifting from being left unfulfilled and wanting to gain more control of their financial future to creating success using new world tools and strategies.

In KaChing! you will read first-hand accounts of:
•what it feels like to make the first dollar online.
•someone battling the voices that said “You can't (or won't) succeed.” and pushing through for amazing results.
•having the first 5-figure week in business.

Shifting to a new way of enhancing your earning potential begins with you being open to changing from the old ways and looking at how the world works now.

This book also dives deep into the blueprint of spreading the message for your business or career. Combining online marketing strategies with offline networking and great interpersonal skills, you can grow quickly. In this section, you will discover:
•How you can quickly spread the message about you and your business
•Beauty vs. Functionality: How To Get New Clients Searching for You
•It’s Not Just What You Say, It’s How You Say it
•There Is A System To Being Social
and so much more! If you are ready to change your income generating capabilities, this book will help you.
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