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10 Tantric Sex Secrets: for greater sex, love & intimacy...tonight!

by Alexsandra Marianetti


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Sex, the driving force behind the human race. We all know the physical aspects of sex, but very rarely do we hear of the spiritual side. This e-book will assist you in your pursuit of true inner bliss and fulfillment of the soul. This short and to the point book will to not only lead you to sexual pleasure but it will also serve as a guide to deeper self fulfillment. An important lesson that will be learned is one of being fully present in your own body. Many people are not truly present in their lives so how can they expect be present during sexual intercourse?

Many people regard sex as only a process of reproduction or a momentary pleasurable activity, but in Tantra it is regarded as a process of transformation that can truly create a deeper more spiritual relationship between you and your partner. Those who read this book will find themselves in a position to close the distance between and become closer to their partner.

The word Tantra means "to manifest, to expand, to show and to weave." There are three keys of Tantra: breath, movement, and sound. Although we all breathe, move, listen and hear, we don’t often consciously think about how we’re doing it. This book will give you keen insight necessary to achieve pleasure you would have otherwise deemed impossible. You will learn how to feel energy pulsing through your entire body; sex will no longer be just a physical act, but a soul binding experience you will never forget.

The lessons of Tantra are not confined to the bedroom, with three scintillating practices you will strengthen and enhance your sexual prowess. You will learn to become a magnet of positivity and you will find yourself feeling more fulfilled and filled with bliss. This book is the first step to experience all these things; it should serve as a guideline in your life.

See your sex life transform from dull, empty or mediocre to breathtaking, amazing and powerful.

Those who live by the lessons in this book will tell you not to hesitate to read and to learn. So like so many others before you, you can find what has been missing from your life.
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