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Surviving The Stop: Change The Atmosphere, Change the Outcome

by Bobby F. Kimbrough Jr.,Mercedes L. Miller


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Because relations between police officers and the African American community cannot survive band aid or chemotherapy type solutions: Healing is systemic. Surviving the Stop is a brilliant start to dialogue that must take place to begin the healing process for the Nation.

Bobby F. Kimbrough, Jr. is an author, speaker and expert consultant in leadership, security concepts and safety measures. In fact, as a Retired Senior Special Agent with the U.S. Department of Justice, he provided safety and security detail in the aftermath of the 1996 Olympic bombings as well as the September 11 terrorist attacks. In Surviving the Stop, he reveals to you simple, yet powerful, thoughts and actions that help citizens and law enforcement officers achieve the Ultimate Goal – Survive the Stop.

Kimbrough shares firsthand accounts and directives that help you:
• Bridge the gap between law enforcement and community.

• Illustrate the inner workings of an encounter with law enforcement.

• Illuminate how things can escalate from a simple traffic stop to loss of life.

• Define when and where you should actually put up a fight.

• Understand how when you change the atmosphere, you change the outcome.

Focusing on cause, effect and fault further deteriorates the unhealthy relationship between law enforcement and community. Whether you are a concerned mother, influential leader or law enforcement professional, all must approach Surviving the Stop from a systemic perspective. Living and working conditions, relationships with other people and mindset play a key role in the healing process. Everyone taking responsibility for their own actions inside and outside of a traffic stop is essential. This book guides you through valuable information that fosters improved health of the relationship between officers and citizens and ensures more lives are lived instead of lost.

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