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Your Stress Stops Here!: 10 Strategies To Change Your Habits In 59 Seconds Or Less

by Vincent Woon


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"The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another." --William James

Your Stress Stops Here! is for you if your body is stressed from lots of sitting, time in front of the computer, or talking on the phone, resulting in pain on your head, pain around your neck, or pain in the shoulders. This book will shows you strategies to improve your lifestyle and get you to do what you want to do, instead of always walking around with pain and constantly trying to find a solution for it.

You will find simple strategies to changing your habits in 59 seconds or less. You’ll be presented with several case studies and will be guided to understand the problem and to solve the problem with strategies such as:

•Push And Rub Strategy (Base Of Skull)
•Row Backward Strategy (Neck & Back)
•Yawn Away Strategy (Stress)
•Rub And Release Strategy (Eyes & Face)
•Press And Move Strategy (Shoulder, Shoulder Blade)
•Run For Your Life Strategy (Stress)
•Lift And Relax Strategy (Head Hold)
•Breathing Away Strategy (Stress)
•45º 90º And 135º Strategy (Shoulder, Shoulder Blade)
•360º Slow Motion Strategy (Neck)

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