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by Ellie Schreiber


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A tall well dressed man walks up to me. "Hello Ella, don't be afraid, we're just here to take you back where you belong."

"I don't understand." I say, my voice shaking. "I belong here, with my family and the people who love me."

"But do they love you?" he asks smirking. "If they found out what you are, would they still, truly love you?"

I think for a moment, faltering. But I quickly regain control of my thoughts. "Of course they would! They would love me no matter what I was!"

"I wouldn't be so sure." He says angrily, "but since you seem to have your mind made up, let me rephrase my sentence. You're going on vacation."

As soon as he says it I feel a needle being poked into my back, then I am lifted into the air and taken to a black company vehicle, slightly down the road. I scream, kick, scratch, flail, pinch, and do every other thing I was taught to do in this situation. Until whatever is in the dart starts to take effect. This is (inconveniently) almost immediately. My head begins to feel light and heavy all at the same time, my eyes droop and I stop screaming. I let my body relax (probably not a good idea in this situation) and I feel as if I'm floating. Through my peripheral vision I notice Oliver has been picked up as well. My heart aches for my friend, if I had just listened to him, we wouldn't be in this mess.

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