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Dress Like You Mean Business: A Dress Strategy to Get the Career You Want

by Marilynn Barber


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What if getting ahead in the corporate world was as simple as changing the way you dress?

Sheryl Sandberg tells women to Lean In. In Girl Boss, Sophia Amoruso says it is about trusting your instincts. Claire Shipman and Katty Kay extol the virtues of The Confidence Code. In this book Marilynn Barber shows how it is possible to rise to the top of your career simply by looking like you mean business.

Smart business women who want a simple, direct plan to achieve their career goals welcome Dress Like You Mean Business. There’s never been more clothes available than today. Yet women are still challenged when it comes to professional business dress. Many women don’t realize the crucial role of clothing in their career success.

The way you dress instantly communicates leadership qualities of trust, value, and authority while still being relevant and modern. Choosing clothes to support your success can be accomplished both pragmatically AND with style.

You’ll instantly start creating a wardrobe to communicate your clear business intent. Connect and influence decision-makers with purpose and help them focus on the value you bring to the team. Just like a company brands its products, your business attire brands your value to those you meet in business.

What’s Inside the Book?

The book includes context, photos, illustrations, and formulas for tactically improving your wardrobe for maximum professional results. It is a step-by-step guide with budget-friendly solutions.

You will find:

-Illustrated fashion design basics and tips for how you can use them
-How to successfully create color palettes to save you time and money
-A simple formula for wearing patterns together and looking great
-An easy method for coordinating an outfit of separates
-Little-known designer tips and secrets of the fashion industry

Learn to crack the code to illustrating your capabilities, value, and authority through the language of your wardrobe. Marilynn shows you a strategic plan to focus your wardrobe and your purchases. You will never again feel uncertain about what to wear to work.
Go ahead, buy the book now and let’s get started!

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