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No Place Like Home: The Hassle Free Guide to Building Your Dream Home

by Darren Standish


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After more than 5,000 hours of study and being involved in thousands of property transactions I believe it’s time for me to share some of my knowledge that will help you build the highest quality home at the lowest possible possible price!

After working overseas as an accountant and travelling to over 30 countries it was time to settle down in my home town of Adelaide. But the thought of sitting at a desk all day crunching numbers for a multinational company just wasn’t for me. There had to be another way…

The solution was property. I looked around for an opportunity and when I saw it I jumped in head first. My first property was an old house on a big block with development approval for eight homes.

It was a steep learning curve and a high stakes game but it paid off with a tidy profit and a rewarding experience.

This experience gave me the confidence to start sourcing more properties where I could apply my newly acquired development skills. Building, renovating, and subdividing one into two, three and four blocks became a common theme for many years to come.

As my experience and knowledge grew, more and more people would come to me for advice. I would try to point them in the right direction, however I realised that I needed a structured approach to ensure I was giving the best possible guidance and information.

And so, Property Prosperity was born.

I began guiding people through the pitfalls of buying and selling property so they could learn from the mistakes I had made.

As my skills began to grow the services I offered to clients also increased. I learned as much as possible about the world of property.

I read book after book, attended seminars, watched DVD’s and listened to CD’s from all the experts in property to help build on my skills necessary to provide the best possible advice to my clients.

I have completed a Bachelor of Economics, Bachelor of Commerce and Post Graduate in Accounting. I continued my studies and also gained a Diploma in Financial services and Mortgage Broking License which allowed me to ensure my clients got the best deals from the banks. My involvement with development meant that there were blocks of land to be sold.

This meant more study and I went on to attain my Diploma of Real Estate and Real Estate license. These two qualifications have been pivotal in my being able to ensure clients could get the highest possible return on the sale of their investment.

The sale of the blocks of land meant many more clients who needed assistance with negotiating with builders to ensure they were getting the best quality home at the lowest possible price. So, it was back to school again to complete a Diploma of Building and Construction which lead to me attaining my Builder’s License.

This is where I am today, armed with the skills, knowledge and experience to make sure my clients have the advantage when engaging me to assist them to build, develop or sell their property.

This book takes you step by step through the process of building so your dream home doesn’t become your worst nightmare.

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