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Gutsy Glorious Life Coach: How to Turn Your Life Coaching Practice into a Soulful Money-Making Business

by Lin Eleoff


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Ready to turn your coaching practice into a thriving business?


It takes a lot of hard work and dedicated practice to become a coach who can help people change their lives. It also takes a lot of guts to turn a coaching practice into a glorious and kickass coaching business.

In Gutsy Glorious Life Coach you’ll learn…
•The exact mindset it takes to build an online business
•“Extreme Self Coaching” tactics to deal with the inevitable Self Doubt
•A detailed step-by-step, one-to-done process for building an online business from scratch
•All the legal steps you need to take in order to cover your assets online

This is a different kind of “business book” because it addresses the two most important ingredients when it comes to building a successful business: the right mindset and the relentless determination it takes to make it happen. You’re going to need two sets of tools: one to help you during those times when all you want to do is punch your business in the face, and another full of action steps that are easy to follow and implement.
Think you’ve got the guts it takes to go after your dream business? After all, this is just an AFGO: Another Freaking Growth Opportunity. Your business has a lot to teach you about YOU and whether you’ve really got the guts to go after your own glory.

A perfect blend of hard-core business building action steps and velvet-gloves-over-brass-knuckles coaching tools, Gutsy Glorious Life Coach promises to bring out the business woman that’s hiding in you.

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