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Against All Odds: A Story Of Triumph Over Tragedy

by Sone Lovan


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This is the story of a man that has been born several times. In every life there are struggles that we have to overcome, there are ways we grow and change to make it to the finish line intact. For some people, however, the journey is harder and fraught with one disaster after another. From being the most popular kid at school to being locked in a mental institution, there is nothing that Sone leaves out of this story. It is heart wrenchingly honest and heartwarmingly constructive.

Sone Lovan is a man that underwent several life changing disasters after the other. He tells his story in this book of how he overcame each incident and made it to the successful life coach he is today. This book will have you on the edge of your seat, crying for a young boy that was so lost, and rejoicing at the changes he made to his life. Anyone that is feeling lost and alone will find solace and optimism in this book that there is a way to climb out of the suffering as a better person.

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