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Cure 'Entrepreneurialitis': 52 Habits To Earn The FREEDOM You Deserve

by Damian M Reid


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Resuscitate Your Business and Life

Entrepreneurs are the most courageous people on the planet. They pursue dreams with no assurances and little security. They challenge the status quo and face the unknown every day. Many begin their journey envisioning a future of FREEDOM. Some quest after financial abundance, others flexibility or the ability to manage what they want, when and how they want. Many business owners work longer, earn less and experience less vitality and free time than imagined. They learn by trial and error. Entrepreneurs can live following their passions, enjoying success and attain FREEDOM by implementing new skills and habits.

Discover the 5 major types of habits to cure ‘Entrepreneurialitis’:

GROW: Develop your mental, emotional and physiological faculties — grow into a stronger entrepreneur and a better, evolving you.

ORGANIZE: Free up the time to enable you to focus on your genius — gain access to accomplishing more than you can currently conceive possible.

ASPIRE: Change the trajectory of your life and create a compass — clarify what everything you’re doing is for and where you're going.

LOVE: Explore the Entrepreneur’s 12 Key Areas of Life and what it takes to earn true equilibrium. What will you need to learn and implement to experience living a life of having it all?

STRUCTURE: Draw the line between good intentions and producing exceptional results — learn how to care for the #1 resource in your business and the one often neglected: You.

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