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Creating A Ripple: The Guide to Serving Millions with Mercy & Compassion through Hospitality

by LaToya Sharee


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When most people think of hospitality, they think about the industry of service. After doing a little bit more research I discovered that the Greek definition of hospitality is "love of strangers".

In this book, you will learn how to create ripples of love and peace in every aspect of your life. We will go deeper than learning how to make your holiday parties better. We will learn how to build great relationships with strangers, the ones you love and cherish, to seeing a homeless person in a different way. This book is going to make you think and hopefully change the way you look at your life, others and the world as a whole.

From janitorial workers, restaurant servers, stay at home mom/dads, police officers to CEOs of multi-billion dollar corporations, this book is for everyone. Read with an open heart and mind and think of the many ways you can incorporate and start creating ripples in your everyday life.

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