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The Whole (freaking) Truth About Extended Service Plans: Learn how to shift your customer’s perceptions and turn them into true believers with these 4 simple ESP recipes

by Derek Paterson


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“The Whole (freaking) Truth About Extended Service Plans”, is elusive. No one knows the whole truth about anything, bold I know but true in a broader sense. We certainly don't know the truth about the things we buy and recommend others to use. Ask ten different people about anything and rest assured, you'll receive 10 different responses. Are they all liars? What we do know and what we can talk about, is our story our truth, and that's it! Our story about why we recommend our services and products. Our story about the origin and the impact and the utility of what we buy and what we recommend our customers to buy.

Selling is storytelling with a genuine desire to help someone, your success in selling retail and selling ESP’s is all about you. Tell it on purpose with purpose.
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