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Successful Property Investment: 48 Real Life Property Adventures and how you can benefit from them

by Cate Bakos


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Armed with two decades of real estate industry real life experiences and adventures, Cate decided to write about some of them which surprised her, shaped her and made her the Buyer’s Advocate she is today. Shining a light on home-finding, investing and all things real estate, this book is an easy read for anyone who is thinking about buying property. From GFC lending restrictions to working with buyers as a young real estate agent in her formative years, and from engineering strategies based on cashflow to understanding the emotional hurdles many buyers face, the book aims to give readers a rich insight into all of the tactics which can make the difference between a hugely successful property journey and a messy one. The 48 chapters are short, sharp pieces which share the triumphs, the losses and the revelations - with not just a raw approach, but an introspective focus. Cate’s love of real estate and the people who make her days so interesting shines through.
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