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Healthy Gut Happy You: Thrill your taste buds with simple and tasty recipes so that you feel your best!

by Jeniffer Alburquerque


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Thrill your taste buds with real healthy foods!

"Healthy Gut Happy You" is meant to guide, motivate and show you that enjoying a healthy lifestyle is completely possible. You will find recipes of healing foods to help you boost your energy and overall health. A guide to real foods and learn how they work in the body. A list of "Must Haves" in your kitchen. Essential supplements for the skin and gut. Healthy, tasty and affordable recipes such as:
- Almond Avocado Bars
- Flourless Bacon Pancake Dippers
- Apple Quinoa Breakfast Bowl
- Paleo Mini Coconut Flat Bread
- Lentil Chorizo Soup
- Roasted Bone Marrow
- Habanero Chicken
- Paleo Chicken Pot Pie Soup
- Mushroom Salmon
- Paleo Salad Dressings
- Double Layer Sweet Potato Cake
- Flourless Carrot Cake and lots more!

You will be pleased to learn how easy it is to prepare meals that are free of gluten and refined sugars, utilizing only quality and pure ingredients that will help you feel energized and vibrant because after all a happy gut leads to a happy You!
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