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Sex After Prostate Cancer: How To Have Fantastic Sex, More Intimacy, and Relationship Fulfillment After Prostate Treatments

by Virgil Beasley Psy.D.


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From a man with not only a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology but also a man who was diagnosed with prostate cancer twice comes this easy to read book that answers the impassioned question “How can I have intimacy now that I have had Prostate Cancer Treatments?”

This is the book that will show you how to deal with some of the common issues that most men have and decode some of the most basic sexual and emotional needs—and teach yourself how to have better physical Intimacy, emotional Intimacy, and relationship fulfillment.

“Sex After Prostate Cancer: How to Have Fantastic Sex, More Intimacy and Relationship Fulfillment After Prostate Cancer Surgery” is all about altering your perspective, examining your goals, establishing new goals; and, most important, acting on changing how you think and act. This is your how-to guide for physical intimacy, emotional intimacy and relationship fulfillment after prostate cancer.
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