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Top 50 Rules for Successful Lead Generation on LinkedIn

by Mark Klipsch,Kim Henson


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How many times have you heard someone say… It’s not what you know, it’s who you know? We all know the importance of relationships in creating and growing a business, and yet most of us don’t know exactly what to so about it.
In The Top 50 Rules for Successful Lead Generation on LinkedIn you’ll discover:
•how to create a profile that commands the attention of your ideal clients
•how to make new connections and communicate with potential clients
•how to consistently generate all the leads you need to be successful whether you’re a solo-preneur or the sales manager of a fortune 500 company

The rules are simple and easy to implement. Consistency is the key to success! The problem is… it’s also easy to do nothing. We purposely made this easy to follow and encourage you to gets started, implement the strategies we’ve laid out, and FINALLY achieve the success you’re dreamed about.
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