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Women Innovators: Leaders, Makers and Givers

by Angela Wilson-Lee,Tamara Patzer,Ferlie Almonte,Dr. Joanny Liu,Hindy Ziefman-Stegman,Cindy Arledge,Loretta James-Baker,Yvonne Herbst,Alicia Vaca,Kristina Jacobs


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Women Innovators: Leaders, Makers and Givers (Volume 1) features women who make a daily difference. In this edition, Conversations with Tami Patzer, the following women innovators were interviewed and reveal their big messages and big missions: Dr. Joanny Liu, Hindy Ziefman-Stegman, Cindy Arledge, Loretta James-Baker, Yvonne Herbst, Alicia Vaca, Angela Wilson-Lee and Ferlie Almonte. Watch for new volumes in the Women Innovators book series coming soon.
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