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Hear My Voice: One Woman's Journey from Victim to Thriving After a Childhood of Abuse

by Terri Lanahan


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In the pages of this book, you will find poems written about the abuse I experienced as a child and the effects it had on me in adulthood.
Most of these poems were written a long time ago. I have come so far in my healing journey. It is my hope that readers will be able to relate to my poetry and identify with their own pain as that is the first step in one's healing journey.
To this day, I still battle with PTSD, depression and anxiety. With treatment, I am able to live a wonderful life. For anyone who is struggling right now, I want you to know there is help and hope. For those who have never experienced abuse, I hope that my poems will spark awareness to the pain that is inflicted on children and the devastating short and long term effects that it has on victims.
God bless you on your healing journey!
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