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Business Divorce Prevention: The Top Ten Red Flags Lawyers, Accountants and Finance Professionals Need to Know to Prevent Your Best Clients from Going Out of Business

by Rocco Luisi


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This book will help your business not only stay alive, but thrive. It will do so by giving you the tools to spot signs of potential business divorce in your best clients. When you see these business divorce red flags, it provides you an opportunity to approach your top clients and warn them of an unseen landmine in their midst. Even if the danger is not ominous, it is an opening to introduce the concept of business divorce prevention so that their companies do not reach the stage where they require mediation or worse, litigation. It is a chance to show your top paying clients that you are a proactive global thinker about their overall business and interests and are not just a disconnected vendor who is performing compartmentalized tasks for them. By doing so, you will endear yourself to your best clients and become a trusted advisor, or an even more trusted advisor. This will also prevent your own business from tanking and strengthen its future. After all, if your best clients go out of business, they will no longer need your services. Your welcomed intervention could also lead to more business from your best clients, further cement your relationship with them, make you competition proof with them, as well as recession proof your practice.

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