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Escape the Nine to Five: Network Marketers: Discover How to Attract More Qualified Leads Than You Need, So You Can Build the Business You Want and Enjoy the Freedom You Desire

by Mark Weisenburger


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Escape the Nine to Five will change the way you look at your network marketing business. Right now everyone goes to the same trainers/trainings, read the same books and publications. New ideas are brought in from outside the box.

You are told that Network Marketing is a real business (which it is), than they teach you how to make a names list to call your high school friend you haven’t seen in 12 years. Sorry, but that is not how a real business operates. It’s time to learn real marketing skills, the same skills successful business use. How many of these sound like you?

I’ve ran out of leads
No one wants my product
No one wants to join my team
I don’t know who to call
I’m doing what I’m told with little success

In this book you will learn the marketing basics. However, just because I call them basic does not mean small businesses know and use them. From my personal experience knowing the three marketing basics will separate you from 99% (my experience, not a scientific study) of all small business owners.

Escape the Nine to Five is the solution for all of theses challenges. Inside you will discover:
How to define your ideal prospect
How to break through the noise and clutter to get the attention of your ideal prospect
How to get your ideal prospect to chase you, instead of you chasing them
How to say goodbye to cold prospecting forever

Escape the Nine to Five comes with exercises and actionable steps to take immediately. Along with opt-in free video training you can view. With this new found knowledge you will start to attract your ideal prospects, you know, the ones you were meant to serve.

Now that you know how to attract all the clients you want, you need to understand wealth. As a bonus for investing in yourself and your business you can download my interview, from the “Mark on Marketing Live” show with #1 Best Selling Author Perma Lee Gurreri. Sacred Wealth Codes. Text NineToFive to 435-222-1646
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