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Hot, Not Bothered: 99 Daily Flips to Slimmer, Trimmer, Fitter Faster So You Can Master Metabolism Before, During, and (long) After Menopause

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Fitness and health expert and author, Debra Atkinson reveals how small, daily habits, some of which don’t even require you to get breathless or lift a finger, can improve your after 50 fitness results. She is America’s Baby Boomer Woman’s fitness expert and she’s cracked the code on the hormone-exercise connection for thousands of women in her Flipping 50 programs and coaching services. She’ll share the most popular and easy to implement habits that will help you create your own flipping 50 success story. You don’t need all 99: one by one, these small flips can make a big difference.

At 49, Debra turned her world upside down. When most women reach a peak in their careers and get a convertible and a corner office, she left safety, security and started over. Eight major life stressors later, she’d made major discoveries about the truth about exercise for women at midlife. Then at 52, her world turned sideways with the tragic loss of a young family member. There’s been stress. Through difficult times, she learned valuable lessons about how little it takes to get and stay physically and mentally fit, why less exercise with more purpose is better for hormone balance, and how small lifestyle choices (flips) you make every day make a big impact on fitness.

With Debra’s best small daily “flips” in lifestyle habits, mindset, exercise and nutrition that have worked for her, thousands clients, and have science behind them you can feel better, faster without extreme exercise or calorie restriction. Hot, Not Bothered will show you how to enjoy your second (and better) half looking good and feeling great, without settling, or burpees.
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