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Get Rich Be The Voice: A fool-proof money management plan that delivers more choice for the things that really matter.

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Are you on track with your finances, building wealth daily and able to contribute to causes you believe in?

Meg Hogan

- Author / Money Coach and creator of financial online programs will expose the easy to follow money management plan. Throughout this book, Meg shows you how to boost your weekly income, create a money management plan, learn financial strategies, touch on investing practices, and much more. By following the steps in this book you will quickly be able to eliminate debts and build wealth so you can relax about the day retirement comes. If that is not enough of a winning mix, she also sets out to educate the principles of wealth and how to advance your business, utilising leverage and venture capital businesses.

You will discover what is now possible through learning to love change. How to stop the limiting beliefs that can be holding you back from realising your real potential. This is your life, and your life can be something great. When you have more wealth, more choices come on board and one of those choices may actually be the saviour to another's demeaning existence.

So ask yourself this question, ‘What could you do, when you have more wealth, for the greater good?’


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