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Posh Overnight: The 10 Pillars of Social Etiquette

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Posh overnight is a contemporary guide adjusted to the constantly evolving world of etiquette, beginning from the days of Louis XIV of France down to modern day manners of the 21st Century.
I am sharing many personal experiences, ( some which are faltering or humorous) during my process of learning growing and surrounding myself with an ultimate sophistication.

Let's face it, most of us will never be, neither become true English ladies or gentlemen. But wouldn't it be fabulous to raise our standards and live life to the fullest especially - by not feeling intimidated and outcast in certain situations?
This is a hands - on guide to transformation in the fastest and the most painless way possible. You won't feel out of place ever again while attending dinner parties with your partner or attending high profile events wondering what to wear and what kind of gift to present to the hostess.

If you do not raise your standards, you will have a mediocre life, and what could be better in life than reaching your full potential?

Most of the time after attending professional and business success, you need to upgrade your social skills, because it is natural to start surrounding yourself with sophisticated, polished and poised individuals - just like you.
Let's eliminate the potentially embarrassing moments through learning.

This opportunity will open many doors for you because your confidence will skyrocket and the sky will be the limit for you.
Please, allow me to invite you to a beautiful journey.from the Palace of Louis XIV to the Savoy in London, and Covent Garden Royal Opera.

Be MY Guest.
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