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90 Day Author: How to become THE authority in your local market as a published author

by Nina Hershberger

ASIN: B079328JSM

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What's the simplest way to establish yourself as an expert in your field-and send your company's sales through the roof? Write a book. Becoming an author gives you authority. It lends instant professional credibility and opens up unlimited marketing potential. With your name on a book cover, you'll generate leads, attract media attention, and watch your company soar to new levels of success. No one knows the power of this phenomenon better than author and marketing visionary Nina Hershberger. In addition to penning her own books, she's helped dozens of clients produce their own highly effective books. Now she's created a step-by-step guide that details the process from start to finish. Readers will gain insight into everything from the book genre that's most valuable for your specific industry to cost-effective options for hiring a writer. You know you're an expert. It's time to let the rest of world know, too.
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