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Self Made Women: The Feminine Journey to Success

by Tamara Patzer,Visit Amazon's Kate Theriot Page,search results,Kate Theriot,Martha Melendez,Shari Pheasant,Dora Vilk-Shapiro,Angie LeBlanc,Mala Rama,Bonnie Fatio

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Tamara "Tami" Patzer has interviewed hundreds of women in the past year and in "Self Made Women: The Feminine Journey to Success," she asks them questions about how they have become leaders and achieved success in their lives.
In the foreword, World Leader Bonnie Fatio writes: Meet seven bold and courageous innovators, self-made women acting on their dreams. Each aspires to positively transform lives of others in unique and in less singular ways. These women speak to you. The book is not intellectual research necessitating academic credentials to understand. Instead, it is made up of interviews Tamara Patzer made with women not so different from you. Women who tell the stories of their dreams and what they are doing to stretch ever higher toward those dreams.

The interviews are meant to inspire and bring hope while opening new doors of thought to you. In it you will find stories of how women have found the courage to stand up and strike out as entrepreneurs and to drive new initiatives.

Here is a book that focuses on what matters to us as women, each seeking to be the finest version of herself possible. Through these interviews you learn about personal efforts to overcome difficulties, learn from mistakes, develop further, share with others, and to have courage to act on a dream. What’s more, being women, they share a multitude of tips, techniques and concepts that you can immediately test and apply in your own life. - A precious, practical gift.

Women are the backbone of the world. And, just as a backbone is rarely recognized as the indispensable force that holds the body upright, so are women frequently ignored for their contributions to, and leadership of, the family, community and world. And yet, no matter what country and culture you explore, it’s the women who are the laborers, the glue of the communities, women who are acting on dreams and desires to transform and improve where they live.

Throughout a speaking career that has taken me to six continents, I’ve been privileged to meet women at all levels of society around the globe. I have sat with women on the mats of the slums of Bangladesh discussing babies, health, education and how to create a revenue stream for the family, as well as on the benches of Parliament in Switzerland where concerns are very similar. Everywhere, women are the workers, doers, educators, and the mothers and grandmothers who transmit the heritage of the family and country. They are our role models, the living examples for multigenerations.

The women in this book, Women Innovators, “Self-Made Women”, are no different. They are real people. No matter who you are, there is something in this book for you. I anticipate that even the chapter titles will inspire you, as they did me, and tickle your interest to read further. Let’s face it. We are all interested to know how to live a fuller life without having to constantly compromise, how to have more happiness, reverse disease, remain optimistic in the midst of turmoil, prepare for the unexpected, act on our dream, and generally improve ourselves and others.

I think of these women innovators as authentic feminine leaders. They’re not trying to imitate anyone else or to deform themselves trying to squeeze into a way of life that does not fit them. They neither pretend, nor are they pretentious. No, these are women whose personal values and ethics are fundamental to their actions. They’ve learned from their mistakes and been inspired by other women and men. They recognize the value of understanding yourself, shaking off the “shoulds” and broken relationships, loving and celebrating who you are, reaching out and exploring the world. – And through that, how to reinvent and empower yourself.

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