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Wealth Management for Dentists: A Guide to Financial Wellness for Dentists and Their Families

by Mark Horstmann

ASIN: B079DY532Y

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Expert Financial Analysis for the Modern Dental Professional

Written to help dentists and their families develop a financial plan that creates the opportunity for them to achieve financial wellness, Wealth Management for Dentists is the ideal compilation of recommended solutions and investment strategies. This book gives dental professionals the opportunity to discover a sense of freedom that can untether them from their chairs when they are ready to become work optional.

This book will show you how to:

•Identify the personal and practice issues they can take care of themselves.
•Learn when you can “treat” your finances by yourself…and when to bring in a professional
•Discover the financial strategies and practices you need to prepare for a successful exit from your practice
•Learn how to multiply the fruits of your labor
•And much more!

Wealth Management for Dentists will guide you through an effective and profitable wealth management process, that, when followed, can give you the financial wellness you deserve!

Break Free from the Chair!
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