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Well Adjusted: A Journey of Transformation for Body, Mind and Spirit

by Michael Posner DC,Lois Posner RN LMT,G.T. Roberts

ASIN: B079K7F86Y

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If you are holding this book in your hand, I am certain
that you have been guided to it. We are constantly being
directed towards everything that we need to experience for
the greater good of our growth and conscious evolution.
My personal experience has shown me countless times
over, “that when the student is ready, the teacher
appears.” You have resonated with this book because you
are now ready to open your heart and mind to embark
upon a profound journey that can result in the
transformation of your physical, mental, emotional and
spiritual health.
~ Well Adjusted ~
There was a time for me when I was severely lacking in all
these areas of my being. My apparent limitations first
began to change when I was introduced to chiropractic
care. Chiropractic served as the springboard from which I
attracted ever-increasing awareness and health benefits
from countless books, teachers, seminars and workshops,
along with numerous wholistic health practices. Among
these are massage, acupuncture, nutrition, tai chi, chi
kung, yoga, karate, metaphysical and spiritual teachings as
well as various meditation and self-healing techniques.
While I learned many different techniques, the quickest
and most profound self-healing results came from my
studies of the Universal Healing Tao System as originated
and taught by Grand Master Mantak Chia.
I have woven the story of my own personal defeats,
struggles and victories throughout this book and have
included the experiences of my loved ones and patients,
with the hope that you might be inspired to pursue your
own unique health quest. If you stay the course, it can be
an exciting journey that will lead you to the expansion of
greater levels of health, higher planes of consciousness
and even on to the unfolding of the magnificent Divine Plan
and destiny that awaits your individual life stream. As you
follow my experiences that begin with my tumultuous
childhood, you will see how, despite many odds and
considerable resistance, pain, anger, negativity and
drama, I persevered and was able to fight my way up
through the ranks to become a black belt, a meditator, a
doctor, a tai chi master, a spiritual teacher, a life coach and
now, an author. There is no doubt in my mind that the
Universe will provide wonderful opportunities for you as
well, my dear reader, to into the greatest vision and
the grandest version of who you can become, when you
are willing, ready and open.
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