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Sacred Hearts Rising: Breaking the Silence One Story at a Time

by Brenda Hammon


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This is a book filled with heartwarming, inspirational true-life stories s that nobody wants to voice out loud but certainly want to read about.
Everyone has a story, and every story has merit, for each story has shaped us into who we are today.
You will undoubtedly find yourself in one or more of the author’s shoes or know someone who has a similar story. You may feel what some of the authors have gone through and understand others and you will discover how they came out the other side: whole and free.
It takes courage to share our stories, and there are 25 brave women sharing their journeys with you, some have told their secrets for the first time, and some are retelling their past, but every author tells you how they made it through. The stories vary from abuse, mental illness, suicide to cancer survival.
You will find inside:
- Inspiration
- Honesty
- Courage
- The silent voices of women who decide that being silent was not their answer to a better life.

So grab your favorite beverage, sit down and be inspired while you enjoy the journey of many women finding a new path in life.
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