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Love: Music of the Heart: 7 States of Spiritual Ascension

by PJ Love Broussard


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How on Earth do we Fully Understand and Discuss Love?

If you have a deep feeling that love is the goal of your lifetime and you would rather strive to become love than to aim for anything else, this book may help you.

Author PJ Love provides a deep exploration about love and topics related to love for personal and spiritual growth. She is sharing her personal, open heart, reverie and source of inspiration as a gentle reminder to grow in the direction of love and to become love along the way.

The book will guide you through seven states of spiritual ascension by using poems, quotes and love songs as keys to help unlock the deep wisdom of the heart.

Her prayer is that you will find something here that soothes you, inspires you or gives you hope.

Because of love and in the Light of love, everything matters, and anything is possible.
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