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Cardiovascular Wellness Management Success Plan: A Simple, Cost Effective, 3-Step System to Diagnose, Treat, Monitor, and Eradicate Heart Attacks and Strokes While Growing Your Bottom Line

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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Heart Attacks and Strokes are the number one leading cause of death worldwide. Coronary Artery Disease and Stroke collectively account for more than the next seven leading causes of death combined, and they are responsible for over 15 Million deaths each year. Sadly, most of these events are nearly completely preventable.

The US healthcare system encourages and rewards treatments and procedures over prevention and outcomes. Experts agree that this is at least partially responsible for the country’s slip to 37th place among 190 industrialized nations in terms of key health outcomes. The standard of care in the US compels physicians to identify and treat risk factors rather than disease. This approach results in Heart Attacks and Strokes account for nearly one third of all deaths in the US, and more in the rest of the world.

Decreased reimbursement and financial models combined with increased reporting requirements cause many to spend as much time filling out forms and paperwork as they do visiting with patients. Increases in malpractice insurance premiums, EMR implementation costs and other required operational expenditures increases the financial burdens placed on the average primary care practice. Some providers see as many as 50 patients in a single day just to stay afloat. These conditions contribute to a diminished work-life balance which results in an all-time low work satisfaction as reported in surveys by primary care physicians. Many are leaving the practice of medicine altogether and many others are discouraged from ever entering the study and practice of medicine. Something must be changed to stop this madness.
As a trained cardiovascular epidemiologist, successful entrepreneur, author, and lecturer, Todd Eldredge, PhD. recognized that overly complex systems in the current healthcare environment are often impractical to implement. Physicians and non-physicians alike can benefit from this simple 3-step approach advocated by Dr. Eldredge for the detection, assessment, treatment, and ongoing monitoring of key health metrics to eradicate Heart Attacks and Strokes.

This book is a simple, cost effective, and straight forward, approach which advocates minor changes to your clinical practice. When implemented, these changes will save lives while enhancing your bottom line.
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