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Reinvent Rich: How to Make More Money, More Moments and More Meaning in Life

by Irvin Schorsch III


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We live in a world of false financial promises (Hello, Powerball!) and day-to-day temptations (You could buy a house with all you’ve spent at the coffee shop!) that threaten the long-term security of our bank accounts. But we also have a great opportunity to increase our income, to spend money on things that truly make us happy, and to build our family’s fortune.

In Reinventing Rich, longtime personal wealth adviser, Irvin Schorsch, gives you the inside scoop on how to live a happy, satisfied, AND lucrative life. He takes a holistic approach to finances by explaining the relationship between money, life satisfaction, and having the financial freedom to follow your passions.

Schorsch breaks down the basic and advanced questions that we all have when it comes to wanting our nest eggs to grow … and grow and last:

•Can you really save money by developing the essential habits and using a few simple tools?

•What are the strategies that will help your portfolios skyrocket?

•How is your health related to your wealth?

•How do you manage your financial life in order to have more of your most valuable asset: your time?

•What’s the secret to a fulfilling and secure retirement?

Schorsch answers all of these questions and more!

This fun-to-read book gives you the insights that have worked for him―and his hundreds of clients―in his more than 30 years in the business. Plus, he’ll provide a 21-day plan that will give you the foundation for creating a strong financial foundation.

We all yearn to be rich―in our bank accounts, in our personal lives, and in our pursuits of happiness. Reinventing Rich will show you the way!
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