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The Straight-Line: The Shortest Distance Between You and Your Results

by Bradford Spencer,Visit Amazon's Edward Monser Page,search results,Edward Monser


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Why is it executives with great pedigree, great work ethic and great products lead teams that often under perform? Why is it some without the advantages of others seem to outperform the competition, get promoted more rapidly with far greater results? The answer is like most answers, it is right in front of your nose, but from an early age we have been socialized to ignore it to ensure acceptance.
Once you have read through this articulate and inviting short work, you will be surprised this has not been driven home before…and once you understand this key piece to success both you and your company will be far more impactful and effective.
The authors present, in a very down to earth and compelling manner the insights they have from distinctly different perspectives. One is a leading consultant who brings the unusual combination of a traditional MBA with a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. The second is an individual who was promoted through the ranks of one of America’s best led Multi-national corporations to the role of president and COO.
Any aspiring executive and indeed any current executive looking to hone their route to success will find this delightfully written book with its many examples a refreshing, if counter-intuitive look in the mirror. And if you are like most, will say “I knew that, and it gave me a powerful reminder of a basic principle responsible for many of the issues I face in my business and personal life.”
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