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The Sugar Belly Secret: Subtract the Sugar, Lose the Weight, and Transform Your Life

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This book reveals the simple secret to losing your sugar belly and never seeing it again.

Trendy low-carb diets, exercise programs, exercise equipment, and weight-loss surgeries typically produce a yo-yo effect, with short-term gains that cannot be sustained for a meaningful length of time. It's a vicious cycle that teases you with progress, raises your hopes, and brings you crashing back to reality.

The Sugar Belly Secret is different. It's a new, highly effective, easily sustainable weight-loss system based on the best practices of the most successful low-carb and high-carb diets that substitute real, healthy food and beverages for fake, processed ones. It doesn't require you to count calories, reduce portion sizes, or exercise, either.

In his informative and entertaining new book, The Sugar Belly Secret: Subtract the Sugar, Lose the Weight, and Transform Your Life, Joe Bovino explains how he discovered the secret to lasting weight loss and maintenance, and how you can use it to improve your appearance, health and fitness at any age. You'll also learn to outsmart food and beverage companies by spotting and subtracting products that expand your waistline, and adding ones that don't.

Update - October 2021: The Sugar Belly Secret Accelerator Series (The Sugar Belly Reboot, Sugarspotting, Fiberspotting, and Sugar Belly Burners) is now available for FREE on The Sugar Belly Secret Facebook page at @thesugarbellysecret! Just send a written request to the author with proof of purchase of The Sugar Belly Secret.

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