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Master Your Moods: It's Not All In Your Head!

by Jacqui Fleury ND


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We know we should exercise regularly, get enough sleep and eat well to increase our quality of life and performance. So why is it so hard to do?

According to brain health enthusiast, Jacqui Fleury, ND, it's because we take on too many big changes all at once and get overwhelmed. Plus, if you are already anxious or depressed or have a foggy brain, making positive changes can be even more of a struggle!

Master Your Moods is a proven, practical, easy-to-read guide that will help you understand what contributes to a happier brain and show you how to make a few simple changes that will make a big difference in your moods, your energy and your outlook on life. You can thrive. This guide will show you how!

“This book is a bundle of incredibly powerful concepts made dead simple to read. Very well written, the book can be read in one sitting and gives you some basic understanding and tools to address issues that affect everyone (to varying degrees). If you want the basics of functional medicine, these concepts get people feeling better in mere months, and allow for more performance at work and home.”
– Dr. Kahlen Pihowich, ND

"Dr. Fleury's book is a surprising revelation. Not only is the information in the book new and inspiring, it is also a compelling read! The simple, attainable changes introduced in this book call out to anyone who is ready to begin a journey to vitality. Armed with this information, I plan to go into my retirement years without losing myself and with the anticipation of a positive future!"
– Dianne Gilbert

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