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Turning Crisis Into Success: A Serial Entrepreneur’s Lessons on Overcoming Challenge While Keeping Your Sh*t Together

by Richard Jaffe,Charly Jaffe


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Crisis is inevitable. Will it hold you back or catapult your growth?

There is no quick fix to solving crisis. But Turning Crisis Into Success will help you build a mental ship capable of navigating through the storm, with an inside look at how it’s done.

For Richard Jaffe, success didn’t come at the expense of his mental state, but because of it. His story shows a path to professional success, love, deep meaning and fulfillment.

Teaching through story, Richard and Charly Jaffe take you behind the black curtain, into the mental and emotional world of an entrepreneur as he navigates through one near catastrophe after another.

In these pages, you’ll find stories that show you how to:

Create solutions in hopeless situations
Become a rockstar negotiator, getting what you want their way
Develop life-changing (and business-saving) relationships
Navigate overwhelming moments while keeping your sh*t together
Build a mind for whole-life success - in business, love and life

If you’re looking for success that feels just as good in real life as it does on paper, this is the book for you!

Richard Jaffe
Richard Jaffe was the co-founder of Nutri-Foods International (frozen novelties) and SafeSkin Corp (medical devices), both of which he took public on NASDAQ and sold to Fortune 100 companies. Both companies developed #1 selling products in their categories nationwide. He currently writes, speaks and mentors young entrepreneurs on starting and scaling new ventures.

Charly Jaffe
Charly Jaffe is a writer, storyteller and captivating advocate for mental and emotional health. With a background spanning industries and continents, Charly produced stories for BBC News, ran an Australian yoga school and was an award-winning Google strategist. She is currently a crisis counselor and graduate student in Columbia University’s Department of Counseling and Clinical Psychology.
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