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After the Funeral: A Practical Memoir for Administering Your Loved One's Estate

by Eileen Moynahan


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“Please, please, please make me executor of your will!” said no one, ever. And yet someone has to do the job. If you find yourself responsible for administering a friend or family member’s estate — or if you see it coming down the road — you don’t want to enter the fray unarmed. You also don’t want to read through a 400-page tome of legal terms just to find out how to claim a savings account.

Enter this short and sassy look at estate administration, through the eyes of one who has lived it and who now makes a living from helping others successfully resolve their loved one’s estate. The “beautiful characters” who were the author’s parents inspired her to spread the knowledge and the love. Use this surprisingly light-hearted guide to learn the steps to identify and claim all of your loved one’s assets and get to know the beautiful characters in your life even better by doing so.
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