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UNMASKED: Book of Inspirational Quotes

by Huguens Noel


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”Inspirational. Noel offers concrete suggestions on how to make life more satisfying and successful.”
- Jane Hanson, Emmy Award-winning Broadcaster

#Hu-ism's Exposed! Author Huguens Noel publishes his second book of inspirational quotes, UNMASKED, a time-released exposure to truth through thoughtful and provoking unravelings.

"My first book was clever and filled with inuendos, and admittedly a bit of a dance or diversion from what lies beneath. Unmasked is raw, revealing; with my soft little underbelly exposed." states Noel. "I am nervous yet liberated by sharing how my unmasking has opened me to new possibilities."

On the cover art: I was intrigued by MA Gaston's ability to show the raw outlines of a process with sticky-note origins of the concept of unmasking. He took it to another level where, like me, each letter peeled away to expose yet another diverted truth. What is left is vulnerable and pure. I hope you like it!

The truth is usually left exposed, when you run out of words to mask it."
~ Huguens Noel

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About Huguens Noel
Noel is a writer, entrepreneur, and inventor with an engineering background. He is on a mission to bridge the old and new, to lead, challenge, and inspire new thought processes and convince others to look at their existence and purpose in original ways.

We all wear different masks in different areas of our lives... to assume a role, to avoid something. or to convey what we want others to see.

Have you ever thought how words can expose a person’s true character? Many times, people are just waiting to hear the right words to unveil another side of themselves or seize a new beginning. Imagine if you had the opportunity and vision to unmask another by simply using the right words. Would you take the challenge?

Have you experienced how the right words in the right ear at the right time can get you exactly what you want? We all have big goals. We all want something.

Take a risk and use your words to get exactly what you want. It is not that complicated. If you do not, then someone else will. There will be no more sitting and wondering to yourself, "What if I had said..."

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