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Expert To Influencer: How To Position Yourself For Meaningful Impact

by Divya Parekh


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Are you a mindful professional trying to make a meaningful impact? Learn how elevating your influence can create a culture of change.

“Divya’s process will help you hone your ability to evaluate thoroughly any problem.” – Kevin Harrington, Shark Tank

Struggling to reach your audience and share your message? Frustrated by the barriers preventing you from creating a lasting impact? Hungry to grow your business but don’t want to compromise your ideals? With over twenty years expertise building connections for Fortune 50 companies, professor, mentor, and motivational speaker Divya Parekh has guided thousands of people to become influential movers and shakers. And now she shares her precisely structured process for empowering entrepreneurs and experts to connect with their patrons and establish a strong personal brand.

Expert to Influencer is a three-stage approach to spreading your message far and wide. Through designing, constructing, and living by your ideological truth, Parekh shows how heart-to-heart relationships and a love of humanity can unlock your unique gift to inspire the world. Using her specific methods, you’ll soon be establishing a culture of positive change and become known as a trailblazing leader.

In Expert to Influencer, you’ll discover:

  • A three-part structure for you to identify your brand and forge a path forward
  • Insights and ideas for developing community-building content so you can resonate with your target market
  • The importance of generating trust through transparency so your actions embody your ethics
  • How to create course-corrections around unforeseeable outcomes so your audience stays loyal
  • Templates, case studies, personal examples, and much, much more!

Expert to Influencer is your playbook for shining a light on your business’s values and growing a following of champions. If you like making core connections, systematic approaches to success, and improving the planet, then you’ll love bestselling author Divya Parekh’s inspirational guide.

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